martes, 30 de diciembre de 2014

The burning doll: a tradition which resists to die.

There are many ways to celebrate the new year  around the different countries in the world. The culture is something quite important at the time to celebrate such important date for everybody. In Colombia and most of South American countries, there is an interesting celebration called 'The burning doll' or its pair in  spanish 'Quema de año viejo'. The tradition basically consists of the making of a doll made of old clothes filled with sawdust and the owner usually tries to make the doll to reach a resemblace with a popular figure in his town or country.

Then, the doll is put in the terrace, balcony or garden, often sat on a chair or in the case of the inner part of Colombia, stood up. It is usual to put it outside 15 days before the new year and the popular legends  state that these dolls were created to reunite all the negatives experiences of the year and take them away with the burning to receive the new year with new energies and positive vibes. When december 31 finally arrives, 5 minutes before January 1 or at 12:00 the doll is burned and people enjoy the scene, singing happy new year, cuddling each other happily knowing that all the bad experiences of the years are gone with the doll burning and new ones are coming.

In Tolú, the tradition is still alive and the future generations have the duty to keep it and teach this wonderful lationamerican ritual.

lunes, 22 de diciembre de 2014

Tolú: a nice play you can't miss!

Tolú (known as well as Santiago de Tolú) is a tiny town located in northen Colombia. Tolú is a word that comes from the name of the Indians that inhabited the place, called Tolúes. The town is special due to its natural and cultural beauty having as witnesses the sea, its people and its histoty. Tolú is one of the oldest municipalities in Colombia. It was discovered 480 years ago and since then, Tolú has been an important place for those who want to forget problems and the daily routines which steals us sometimes the best moments in life. Tolú offers the tourist many choices to have fun. If you are that person who loves diving, Tolú is the best choice for you. The ecotourism is one of the activities that steals our time and allows us to enjoy the beauty of nature with a symphony of peace. Tolú has a very beautiful archipielago of island called 'Archipielago of San Bernando' where you can have all of what I've just mentioned and even more! The dolphins there have the answer.

 But, hold on! you won't only enjoy diving and its enchantment, but also of the beauty of local people, their costumes and stories to tell. Tolú is one of the least polluted towns in Colombia. Why? because the local mean of transportation contributes to do so. This mean of transportation is called "Bicitaxi or Bicicletero" in spanish. It was first invented here and has become one of the cultural icons, not only for its conttribution to environment, but for the charming feeling it gives to tourists when getting on the bicitaxi and take the short tour around Tolú, enjoying slowly of its wonderful people, the places, the sea and the happiness felt in the air. I am really proud to show this cultural icon of my hometown and make you realize that we have unique features in the world. 

Everybody asks when going to a new place about the cuisine. In Tolú you can find  fried fish with patacones (small slices of fried plantain) with coconut rice and either avocado or cabbage salad. Tolú also offers all the kinds of food found in most of south american countries in case you don't like the local food, but that's almost imposible, lol!  shrimp cocktail is also found everywhere in Tolú. 

So, I invite you dear reader to visit my beautiful hometown. There are plenty of hotels here for all budgets. It is easy to get to and things here are not expensive. We have very interesting celebrations which I am going to write later. For me it's a pleasure to have you reading this and hopefully, I am going to write local stories, famous people, places and more. Welcome to Tolú and don't miss the chance to find all of this in only one place!